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[05/23/24] Invited Seminar at the KSNVE Conference (유망과학자 세션)

Prof. Sooyoung Lee gives an invited seminar at the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering (유망과학자 세션).

Title: "AI Innovations in Noise and Vibration Engineering"

Abstract: This seminar explores the latest advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of noise and vibration engineering, highlighting how AI-driven technologies are transforming the ways in which noise and vibration are analyzed, controlled, and mitigated across diverse scientific and engineering disciplines. The presentation will mainly focus on a series of case studies demonstrating the novel development and integration of AI, aimed at establishing more effective prediction models, enhancing conventional signal processing methods, and accelerating the design of novel materials and structures. It will particularly emphasize physics-guided and mechanism-inspired AI approaches as innovative perspectives in AI-aided engineering, designed to enhance generalization and predictive capabilities tailored for noise and vibration challenges. We believe that participants will gain valuable insights and explore future prospects in harnessing AI methodologies to address a broad spectrum of applications within the noise and vibration domains.